Haulbowline Lighthouse Carlingford Lough


Haulbowline Lighthouse is located at the entrance of Carlingford Lough in County Louth, Ireland. The lighthouse was built in 1824 and is still in operation today, although it is now fully automated.

The lighthouse tower is 12 meters high and is painted white with a black lantern room. It is situated on a rocky outcrop at the southeastern end of the island, which is only accessible by boat. The light itself has a range of 16 nautical miles and consists of a white flash every 5 seconds.

The purpose of the Haulbowline Lighthouse is to guide ships safely through the entrance to Carlingford Lough, which is a narrow and winding waterway with strong currents and changing tides. The lighthouse is an important aid to navigation for vessels traveling to and from the ports of Warrenpoint and Greenore.

Overall, the Haulbowline Lighthouse is an important navigational aid for ships entering and leaving Carlingford Lough, and it serves as a reminder of the rich maritime history of the region.

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