redshank-turned-facing-meWhat amazing light there was on Sunday morning for photographing wading birds within my 5 kilometres restriction . I decided to target the Redshank as there was a large flock feeding along the river channel of the Boyne river estuary at Drogheda in County Louth.  It can be hard to get a decent-sized image of a wading bird as usually the first sight of a human and there gone!!

redshank boyne river droghedaThe redshank are small, so you have to get really close to them to get a decent picture. I recently purchased a Ghillie Blanket from Tragopan and wanted to see how effective it would be to camouflage me from the wading birds. Having scared off the birds on my arrival and while setting up the camera gear. After lying down and covering myself and the camera with the Ghillie Blanket, I would say within about 30 minutes the birds started coming closer and closer.

I was really happy with the photos I got and I am looking forward to photographing some more of the shore birds next weekend, that’s if the light is good enough!

Redshank along the Boyne River Estuary
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