mary-mcaleese-boyne-cable-bridgeThe Mary McAleese Boyne Cable Bridge

I woke up early on New Years Eve to drop my son off to work locally and to my surprise there was a fresh fall of snow on the ground. I decided to bring my camera gear and drone with me for on the way back, so I could get a couple of nice sunrise shots of the bridge.

I stopped off at Old Bridge along the Boyne River in Drogheda and could see the sky starting to show some nice colour. I managed to get a couple of compositions using my Canon 90D and Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 art lens while the sky gave off some stunning colours .

The colours in the sky was starting to change quickly, so I took a chance before the colours disappeared and after a couple of safety checks I safely put the drone up and took a couple of stunning shots and panoramas.

The Mary McAleese Boyne Cable Bridge
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