boyne-river-dunnock-birdThe Dunnock

As the World continues it’s battle against Covid-19 and with more lock down restrictions in Ireland, I took the decision earlier last year that I was going to start photographing wild birds in my local area of Drogheda as I found myself starting to struggle with compositions locally for landscape photography. So last week I set up my camera up along the Boyne River and managed to get a few shots of this beautiful little Dunnock along with some other species of birds.

The Dunnock is a little brown and grey coloured bird. Quiet and quite shy, it is often seen on its own, creeping along the edge of a bedding plants or near bushes, moving with a rather nervous, and can be often seen flicking its wings as it goes along. When two rival males come together they become animated with lots of wing-flicking and loud calling.

The Dunnock along the Boyne River
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